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The Myalup Offshore Wind farm project is proposed to be built offshore between Bunbury and Mandurah. The project has a target capacity of between 1.6-2 Gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy and would comprise up to 132 wind turbines.

Skyborn has undertaken early engagement with the local community over the past 18 months. Following initial community consultation Skyborn has taken onboard community feedback and is revising the wind farm design so that no wind turbines will be placed in State Waters. Prior to the offshore wind area declaration process there was a project investigation around developing the project at the edge of State waters, approximately 5.5km off the coast between Preston Beach and Binningup.

This would have used the existing State regulatory and legislative framework to enable the State based planning process to commence. This is no longer the case, and all turbines will be in the final declared area in Commonwealth waters at least 20kms from the shore.

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) is responsible for regulating offshore wind development in Commonwealth waters.

The Minister for Climate Change and Energy is in the process for declaring suitable areas for offshore wind development.

Refer to the map of the proposed area here.

The final area declared for offshore wind development may or may not change from the area currently proposed by the Minister for Climate Change and Energy after community consultation. However, for any projects in Commonwealth waters, all wind turbines will need to be situated within the final declared area. This means that the final location for any wind farm in Commonwealth waters (including the Myalup Offshore Windfarm) will be governed by the Federal Government’s Offshore Wind Zone Declaration process. Although the project is no longer proceeding with any wind turbines in State waters, the subsea transmission cables that will connect the offshore wind farm to the onshore grid connection point will still need to traverse State waters to reach the power grid.

For more information on the Myalup Offshore Windfarm process and timeline, refer to the flowchart here for steps in project development.

The environmental study requirements for the originally proposed State waters project were established by the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (WA EPA) in the Environmental Scoping Document. As the project will no longer consider turbines in State waters, this Environmental Scoping Document will be revised under advice from the WA EPA in due course. The existing EPBC (Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act) referral is currently in State waters, however this will be amended to cover the project area in Commonwealth waters, if and when a Feasibility Licence has been awarded to the project, in line with the Minister for Climate Change and Energy’s Offshore Wind Zone Declaration process.

For more information on the project, or to discuss any aspect of the Environmental Permitting process more, please contact the Project Team.

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Enough clean energy to power over
1 million Western Australian homes

The expansion into commonwealth waters will add around 1.6 GW of additional clean energy capacity to the project, increasing the total number that could be powered by the windfarm to over 1,000,000 homes.


Investigating Project Feasibility

Detailed feasibility surveys will commence once the Project is awarded a Feasibility Licence under the OEI Act.

The size of the wind turbines is yet to be finalised, with an anticipated capacity of around 15MW per turbine. We are actively investigating the feasibility of larger turbines, as fewer will be required, which will result in less construction activity, and reduced visual impact.

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